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So I'm playing platinum, and I'm looking for a grass type to complete my team. I've decided that its either going to be a roserade or tropius. Which would be a better grass type. Can I also get a move set and item.

Roserade all the way :D

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Well it depends on your team needs, but in general I prefer Roserade

Why? Roserade has an impressive base 125 attack, and decent base 90 speed. Tropius, on the other hand, tropius is somewhat subpar. Tropius is a more defensively oriented Pokemon, but with its base stats at 99 hp, 83 def and 87 sp def it's not a defensive behemoth. Its attacking stats are also poor, and it has that nasty double ice weakness.

With these great stats, roserade can act as a great special sweeper, especially in sun. Here's a set I like for in game. I can add evs later if you want

Roserade: black sludge/miracle seed
Ability: natural cure
Nature: modest/timid
Sunny day
Weather ball
Sludge bomb

Under the effects of sunny day, solar beam no longer gas a charge up turn and weather ball is a base 100 power fire type move. This allows roserade to fire off power attacks with good coverage. Just watch out for fire type moves on the opponents side.

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Tropius for HM slave, Roserade for battling.

Tropius has that horrible Grass Flying combo (x4 Ice weakness), with no saving grace like Shaymin-S has with Serene Grace & good speed/ sp. atk. Roserade, however, has a very nice Grass/ Poison typing, meaning Bug, Ground and Poison are only x1. It's also got a good speed & sp. atk, along with decent sp. def, but low def & HP so watch out for that.

Tropius @ (no item because it's a HM slave)
Ability: (who cares?)
- Cut
- Fly
- Strength
- Defog

Tropius learns Rock Smash as well, but imo it's probably better to tack that onto a fighting type for some STAB.

Roserade @ Black Sludge (if you can get it)
Ability: Natural Cure
- Giga Drain
- Sludge Bomb
- Energy Ball
- Rest

First three moves for STAB, last move to replenish health & switch out to wake to up. You can choose Leech Seed or Toxic Spikes over Energy Ball if you want.

Toxic Spikes > Energy Ball imo
Idk I never found set ups that useful in-game where everything was super offensive. Time setting up = time getting KO'd.
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I have a level 59 roserade on my team, and I love it. is knows

  • SolarBeam
  • Sunny Day
  • Giga Drain
  • Cut (i dont use HM slaves)

Tropious is also slow, and roserade has great special attack, so I would say roserade