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I'm planning a team for my Pokemon X/Y and I'm almost done.I really need a grass Pokemon for the team and I've come up with two options:Venusaur and Sceptile.I was looking for a special attacker but I know that both of them can't have a complete special moveset since they don't have enough moves.I was thinking of using anyone of the above with a mixed moveset .Please recommend the best one with movesets, EV's and if there are any other grass types you guys are welcome to suggest them(preferably special).Thanks


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enter image description here VS enter image description here

first, note the that since this is in game, it comes down to very little, and I would use my fav Pokemon in this case. but since you are asking, lets take a quick look at each of them



  • two useful STABS in sludge bomb and giga drain
  • a good staller due to sleep powder, leech seed and synthesis
  • great special attack
  • absorbs toxic spikes and grass sleep inducing moves
  • can mega evolve, meaning it looses its major weakness to ice and fire
  • chlorophyll


  • chlorophyll isn't really useful in game
  • stalling takes to long time in game



  • very good speed
  • its best STAB: leaf storm combined with its good speed means that it
    can usually OHKO and switch out if its levels is a bit higher than
    the opponent


  • rather pathetic typing, being weak to 5 types
  • shabby movepool
  • very frail
  • weak to all status

well, sleep powder and stalling is extremely useful competitive, but not particularly useful in-game, where raw power is much more important. sceptile is incredibly fast and can use Frenzy Plant and switch out assuming your opponent gets OHKO'ed, so I would use sceptile in game. competitive: venusaur all the way

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Thanks a lot! I was also thinking of using sceptile since I like it better than venusaur.