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This is my planned team







Also let me know if there are other Pokemon I should use in place of a team member I already have.

I don't think there's any strong Pokemon you can add to your team, but you might want to remove Reuniclus or Chandelure to make room for HM slaves.
Thanks for the feedback but I'm going to stick with Reuniclus because I have always wanted to use one.
Liligant is good, should keep it. WHat gym r u @? i can help if I know
I have not started yet I am doing team planning.
If it's for a casual playthrough you could use any Pokemon you want. You could probably get away with using a Sunkern even, ingame isn't that difficult.
You might want an ice type for the Opelucid gym, and you can get a couple of dual grass types with ferrothorn or virizion which can be better picks, but it's down to your preference in the end
Lilligant is probably better than Ferrothorn. It learns strong grass attacks and evolves earlier.

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Yes. I would say yes to this, however keep in mind that Lilligant won't be too helpful against most gyms so keep other strong Pokemon in your team.

As I myself have played Pokemon B/W/B2 I think with the team you are suggesting it should be good for a casual playthrough. I would suggest getting in in Pokemon White as you can only get 1 or 2 in Pokemon black.

I personally prefer playing the game with at least 1 Sandile or evolution on my team. Just a suggestion.

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I think Sawsbuck is the best Gras Type in-game getting STAB from Return and Double-Ege, and heck LEAFEON is even better with its better bulk and attack, but I'm not saying the Lesbian plant, um, thing is awful, just outclassed.

Lilligant is superior than Sawsbuck because she can learn Quiver Dance and Petal Dance (doesn't get confused due to Own Tempo) and you can't get a Eevee because it's impossible to get without transferring to another game. (To transfer from Diamond, Pearl Platinum, HeartGold and SoulSilver you need to go to the Poké Transporter it's not available until post-game)