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I already beat the game and my Gogoat is my grass type, it was pretty slow but I didn't mind that much. So I really want a Roserade so I went on route 4 and I caught myself a female Budew. Soom enough it was a Roserade! My Roserade is now about level 45-50, somewhere between there and I relized something! Roserade, in my opinion was better than my grass type team member, Gogoat! Is it just me or it really is? I know it's really an opinion based question, but try to back it up with stats and movesets. Please help me! Thank you! :)

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Yeah but Roserade is pretty good too!

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It depends on what you need really.
Gogoat has a resonably flexible movepool, and it also learns Surf, which cevers fire weakness as well as helps in-game.
Roserade has great choices for abilities and is a great offensive attacker on the special side.

In my opinion, in-game literally every Pokemon works, ranging from Beedrill to Luvdisc. Yep all works. But choose as per what your team needs.
Hope I helped!

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Thank you so much! :)