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So what are some good Grass Type options to use in swsh? You can also include Pokemons that can learn good damaging Grass Type moves and can use it well. Also, please do not put Rillaboom because some people like me did not choose Rillaboom as their starter.

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Rillaboom is by far the best.
Rillaboom is not allowed
What do you want to do with a grass Pokemon? Do you want to battle other people, the Battle Tower, in-game trainers, or something else?
Mostly in game but also for Gen 8 ou, I guess
For gen 8 OU, Ferrothorn and Rillaboom are probably the best. I didn't include Ferrothorn in my answer because a defensive playstyle isn't the best in-game.
Are we not going to speak of Amoongus? okie.
Completely forgot about Amoonguss. I actually forgot about the entire IoA lol.
Why is this flagged?

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With moves like Fake Out, Surf, and Giga Drain, Ludicolo can put up a tough fight in battles.

It doesn't have the greatest movepool, but it can learn coverage moves like Zen Headbutt and Play Rough. Quite solid.

Decently fast, it can dish out a ton of hurt, and it's an amazing Pokemon overall (though I am a bit biased, it's my favourite Pokemon). Can learn things like Shadow Ball and Dazzling Gleam.

Leafeon's a good physical attacker. It doesn't have the greatest movepool, but what it does have is powerful.

Hope I helped!

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Ofc you could also use Decidueye but that's starter based too.
Yeah, also, Decidueye is not that easy to get.
Yeah you need to find a lotta Diglett lol
Use Virizion. Easiest Grass type to get by far :)
Yes, duh.