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Oh, I wonder which Grass-type to use in Scarlet and Violet! Scovillan for Quaxly fans, is okay but, it will be possible to get a good Grass-type!

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What do you mean by best? How well it does in game? Stat wise?
For play throughs Meowscarada I guess, but there is also arboliva, Tsareena, and a bunch more
Arboliva has a monstrous 125 special attack with very solid coverage moves, especially so in the late game.
Arboliva is slow though. Speed are Attacking power(phys or spec) are necessary for dominating the game.
This is for play throughs right?

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Tsareena and Appletun shine for Tera Raids with Trop Kick and Apple Acid doing great damage and applying important debuffs. Both also have enough bulk to thrive in Raids, and they have screens to support the team.

For the general gameplay, if you don't have Meowscarada, Jumpluff is easy to obtain and has access to a good movepool and decent stats, though you may prefer Flapple or Tsareena if you want to put out Physical damage instead. There is also Breloom who is great for catching Pokémon, but he shares the Fighting Typing with a lot of other Pokémon that you probably will want on your adventure.

In online battles you can rely on Breloom or Meowscarada.

Overall I would say...

Tsareena for raids and story mode.

Breloom for competitive.

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