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this is my team so far:

Infernape Lv. 46

Giratina Lv. 48

Dusclops Lv. 48

Vaporeon Lv. 43

Electabuzz Lv. 42


I deny Roserade, sorry.

Just so you know, I just beat the 8th Gym Leader.

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Leafeon or Abomansnow.

Leafeon can be obtain by leveling up Eevee near the mossy stone in eterna forest. With its 110 base power of attack and acess to lead blade, it can beat the elite 4, except maybe Flint

Your choice of item

Leaf blade-STAB
Swords Dance-Setup
Synthesis-HP recovery
Last Resort/X-Scizzor- 2nd attacking move

Abomansnow can be obtained by evolving Snover, which can be caught near Snowpoint city. Has decent stats in everything except speed, but an ally that can use trick room can fix that, such as Dusclops.

Brave nature
Your choice of item

Wood Hammer-STB
Ice shard-STAB, priority
Ice Punch-STAB
Sheer cold/Avenlache-To help out in situations

Hope I helped!

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Ew. Last Resort.
X-Scizzor man
Changed it bud, but I don't see why x scizzor>last resort. Last resort has higher base power
i have already evolved my eevee into Vaporeon. can i get another eevee?
Breed it man
Last Resort, is, well, a last resort. X-Scissor is much better.
abomansnow has too many weaknesses and it can be easily knocked out ,leafeon or tangrowth would be better option for in game purposes
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Try out a Leafeon all you need to do is Level it up in the EtrnaForest

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Tangela can be found around in the middle of the game at the Great marsh in Pastoria city. I will not say it is a fast Pokemon, it has 50 Base stat in speed. The reason I chose this was because it has very good HP and Defence and it covers Vaporeon because your Vaporeon is higher in S.Def than in Def. Other than that it has some nice Atk and SAtk and has access to some nice moves like Power whip and Giga drain.

Sassy nature (+SDef, -Spd(if you can get one))
Leftovers is a nice choice if you have it
Regenerator ( Restores HP upon switching out )

Power whip
Giga drain
Ancient power
Sleep powder

tangrowth is a good pokemon but, its not the best moveset you have there. two STAB grass moves isnt necesary.

tangrowth @lefties
trait: regenator
bold nature
252 hp/ 252 def/ 4 sp.def
~ Sleep Powder
 ~ Giga Drain
 ~ ancient power / substitute
 ~ Leech Seed
Its already answered dude