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A while ago I put one on my Skarmory and when it is used it says something like "The Custap Berry let it move first!" but every time the opponent outspeeds me somehow. Custap Berries provide +1 priority and the opposing Pokemon goes first with a regular priority move. It was a while ago when I used pokegen and random matchup so it is not legit. Anyone know?


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There are multiple explanations. Here's a couple things I could think of.
-Pokegen: when you use pokegen, stuff like this tends to happen
-Prankster: The ability prankster gives it's holder's status moves +1 priority. If your opponent had prankster and used a status move and was faster, it would've moved first
-Your opponent ALSO held a custap berry: and was faster, or held a quick claw or a similar item.

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Oh yeah it was most likely pokegen. Thanks!
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If it comes down to priority then it depends on speed. Skarmory is relatively slow so the opponent is most likely to move first with a priority move.

Oh sorry gof. It was me who was slow this time
Lol no worries Brotad :P
yeah but the opponent was using a normal priority move, i think hydro pump.