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Ever since I got my Pokemon LeafGreen version, which looks and seems like a completely normal GameboyAdvanced cartridge, it's been glitching at just one point in the game.

You know when you have to go and get HM cut from the captain of SS Anne and your rival comes down the stairs to battle you? Well, whenever I head to the stairs, my screen goes purple and the sound stops and does a long beep. I tried starting the game again twice, but it still glitches.

Do you know how I can solve this problem? Suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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I think it sounds like something's wrong with the cartridge itself. Sometimes it's just dust caught in the cartridge, so try blowing it away.

Otherwise, I think you need to get a new LeafGreen Game. It's probably the case that you left it about for too long, or maybe it's been lying in the sun for a certain amount of time. That happened to one of my old games, and I saw the metal stripes of the cartridge had warped. T___T

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Thanks for suggesting, I've already tried blowing and cleaning it, and I got it used from eBay, so I don't know what happened to it. Thanks for your advice.
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You can get rid of glitches by restarting your game.

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Thanks, but I already tried that.