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I'm trying to trade Pokemon between my crystal and leafgreen versions but can't get a connection, in the crystal version the lady in the poke center says that the room is reserved for two players linked by gba cable ( which in actuality it is alredy hooked up) but its like if there is a false connection, my question is , could it be an internal problem with the cable or something in the games that is not compatible? In the leafgreen I already took the two stones to the guy in island one .

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Yeah, Crystal isn't compatible to trade with Leaf Green.

Leaf Green can only be linked with:
Fire Red
Leaf Green
and Emerald.

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You CANNOT trade between 2nd and 3rd generations. They are incompatible.

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Aah! Ok well I tried trading between my crystal and yellow and it also didn't work I guess I also got a bad cable, this time the lady said that the link was canceled because of inactivity
Crystal and Yellow should be fine because they are gen 1 and 2. But you can only use gen 1 pokemon, so if you had Feraligatr in Crystal you won't be allowed into the trading room.