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In the end of a battle in Pokemon Conquest, which battle factors are considered when giving out the percentage of link increase. By factors, I mean how much the Pokemon attacked, etc.

I want to know so I can quickly gain strength.

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Dang. I want to be the first one to answer this but I don't play Pokemon Conquest. :(
Lol alright xD
Things like what type of pokemon your Warrior exceeds in. Like they'll have a stronger connection  and  link with Fire types if they like to train fire types. At least thats what I believe.

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What ive seen while playing conquest is that they gain more Link with the Pokemon if they are more compatible with them(Like rio said.), But they also get more link if they go into battle against other warlords found in castles, opposed to the ones you find in the wild when you go battle wild Pokemon. Also if they make it to the end of the battle and win without fainting they gain more, though they do gain some when they faint or you lose the battle.

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Actually, it depends on how many people are fighting in the battle. What I've learnt is that to keep getting experiance, get them at a much higher link or power then the opponent, then challenge them. If it's 1 vs 5/6, then you easily gain 5-6%. It drops down to a min of 1.5% if you have 6. I battle with my hero and nobunga, and they gain 4-5%.