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I want a good ghost type that is a powerhouse, but is dusclops a good choice?


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Dusclops is more of a defensively oriented Pokemon. It can take pretty much any hit you want for you, but won't be dealing that much damage outside if status moves. There is one Pokemon who comes to mind when you say "ghost type powerhouse" and that's the original ghost type himself


With a base 130 sp atk stat and 110 spd, gengar is a specially offensive powerhouse, a glass cannon that can rip through an unprepared team with ease. A set of shadow ball, sludge bomb, thunderbolt and focus blast should do you well

So in summary, while dusclops is a respectable wall, gengar will prove to be an offensive monster. Other ghost type Pokemon with respectable offensive stats include mismagius, dusknoir and rotom A

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It wouldn't do much other than take hits but if you trade it and evolve it,it could take all the hits while dealing good damage with a move such a as shadowpunch.