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I looked at my pokedex. I knew manaphy would be there,knowing I saw it in the "expensive looking book". I see Dialga AND Palkia. Here's the thing....I HAVE SEEN NEITHER DIALGA OR PALKIA. HELP ME PLZ!!!!!!

Are you sure you haven't seen Dialga and Palkia before?
they might have and forgot about it
Alzheimer, hacked Game....? So many options..
@Mr.bombastic I haven't seen them I know I haven't because if I did it would say so in my journal :(

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The same thing has hapened to me. It is not a glitch. I do not know for your circumstance but I went up and examined the blue and pink lights behind the distortion world portal. This may not be necessary to have "seen" dialga and palkia but this is my observation.
P.S. I have not beaten the e4 so I have not battled Dialga and Palkia on top of Spear Pillar.

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It says that you have seen Dialga and Palkia because you have. Remember the cut scene at Spear Pillar at the summit of Mt. Coronet when the Cyrus uses the Pokemon of space and time to change the world to his liking? The two Pokemon are there, and therefore you have seen them without engaging in any sort of battle, congrats.
PS> I know this question was asked forever ago but I was bored and wanted the world to know the true answer.