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Plz answer the question cause I really want to know

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Dialga and Palkia somehow found themselves in the same dimension and they didn't like that their personal space was being invaded by one another so they started to clash. Dialga used Roar Of Time and cracked Palkia's shoulder pearl, then Palkia fled to the dimension Ash and Co. lived in. The fight continued there and began to rip the very fabric of time and space. Darkrai tried to stop them but got badly injured. I don't remember how they stopped fighting but I think Dialga won. Then Dialga left victorious back to his dimension but when Palkia tried to leave Ash stopped it and told it to fix everything that their fighting caused. Palkia fixed the world and flew away and Darkrai found out he could be loved and Ash survived his nightmare and everyone went back to what they were doing.

Don't take this to seriously since it's just from my memory. I hope it helps.
You can check Here if you want but it doesn't explain why Dialga and Palkia were fighting.

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As I recall, something was warping space-time, causing their respective dimensions to 'bump' into each other, I just can't remember what that 'something' was. Each blamed the other, and rather than trying to understand why, they just went nuts on each other.