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Well there is:

  • Lugia which can be found in Whirl Island
  • Ho-oh which can be found in Bell Tower
  • articuno who can be found in seafoam island
  • zapdos who can be found in the power plant
  • moltres who can be found in mt. silver

And thats it. So there are 5 legendary birds in Soul Silver.
Source: http://www.serebii.net/heartgoldsoulsilver/legends.shtml

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The last one I have to find is Zapdos! Thank you!:)
Youre welcome.  Its directly in front of the power plant so it shouldnt be hard to find.
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There are five.

  1. Lugia
  2. Ho-Oh
  3. Articuno
  4. Zapdos
  5. Moltres

If you include [email protected] as birds, and Rayquaza, then there are actually EIGHT. But it depends on if you consider those three I just listed as birds. If you do not, then there are five.

I'll try to cacth Latias and Rayquaza later...
Oh,Thank you!