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After My LV5 Tepig in Black gains thousands exp from EXP Share, it keeps level-up leveling-up to LV21 without evolving. Why?

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If it doesn't evolve after the battle, then the only explanation is a glitch.

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Are you saying that it doesn't evolve until it hits level 21? That's normal for a Pokemon gaining so many levels.

If a Pokemon gains more levels than required for it to evolve (e.g. Tepid evolves into Pignite at level 17) after one battle, then it will level up all of its experience before it evolves.

I use my other Pokémon to defeat Cynthia's Spiritomb and gain exp. My LV5 Tepig also gain exp via Exp. Share. It starts to level-up from 5, 6, 7... to 21 and DOESN'T evolute AT ALL. It is still asked to learn new moves but I refused.
Did you press 'B' just as it was about to evolve?

That's the only thing that stops a Pokemon like Tepig from evolving, since it's at the right level. Other than that, your game might be glitched. o-o
Another possible reason is that you let it faint in battle.  If so, it wont evolve.
The Tepig was holding an exp. share, meaning that it wasn't in battle.
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To put this in simple terms. Lower the level of a given Pokemon, the higher the exp gain. You must have defeated a high leveled Pokemon, a Pokemon from Cynthia or from an athlete in one of the courts in Nimbassa, in order for this to happen.

Don't worry this is happens a lot when training weak(er) Pokemon. I know this from experience.

'Nuff said

Tepig still should've evolved into Pignite. As long as it passes its level requirement, it will evolve unless a glitch or the B button was pressed.