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As in can be found in the fewest amount of places with the fewest amount of different weathers with the lowest percentage of encountering


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Twist Mountain –
Back from your sightseeing tour, head north up Route 7 to eventually reach Twist Mountain. This is one of the first of several areas that cannot be fully explored without revisiting in different seasons. Assuming it’s still Winter after catching Cubchoo, There are several rooms that you can reach with some decent items inside, the only catch is that a few tunnels have been blocked off by snow, so come back in another season to explore some more. For the purpose of the challenge, nothing affects what Pokemon you can catch other than the encounter rate. Cryogonal is the Pokemon you’ll be looking out for, with a 5% encounter rate during Winter and a 1% chance any other time. You’ll find Cheren on the eastern side of the mountain by the exit to Icirrus City.

Cryogonal during any season other than winter.


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