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Such as Dhelmise in Alola, since it is only 1% in one place.(This does not count SOS exclusive Pokemon, and I'm talking about regular encounters, not Shaking/Bubbling/Dusty spots.) Thanks! Sorry if this is unanswerable/really long to answer. Also, if they have a remake game, find the rarest in all and specify which game.

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For future answerers, use this video. Because you don't want sos/shaking spots, Kangaskhan and Bagon both appear at 1% in Wela Volcano Park and Route 3 respectively, and Dragonite for bw is a rippling spot so doesn't count
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Well this video explains it all for you.

why is everyone answering this with a video?
That's quite a popular video, however, as we know, videos aren't answers. Links in general, really, aren't answers.

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Ok I remember almost everything he said in the video so I'm just gonna do this again.

No Feebas allowed for Gen 3 and 4 because if you know what tiles they are it's a 50% chance to find one, sooooo.

Red: Golduck, 1%, Seafoam Islands, 1F

Blue: Slowbro, 1%, Seafoam Islands, 1F

Yellow: Dodrio, 1%, Route 17

GSC: Dunsparce, 1%, Dark Cave, Violet City side

RSE has a tie:

Wailord, 1%, Route 129, Surfing
Magneton, 1%, New Mauville
Illumise, 1%, Route 117, Only in S
Volbeat, 1%, Route 117, Only in R and E

FRLG: Dragonair, 1%, Safari Zone, Fishing, Super Rod

DPPt: Munchlax, 1%, 4/21 Honey Trees, you know the deal.

HGSS: Dragonair, 3%, Dragon's Den, Fishing, Super Rod

BW: Cryoganal, 1%, Twist Mountain

B2: Medicham, Lombre, Granbull, Murkrow, 1%, Hidden Grottoes

W2: Hariyama, Lombre, Granbull, Murkrow, 1%, Hidden Grottoes

XY: Abomasnow, 1%, Route 17

ORAS: Ralts, 4%, Route 102, and Volbeat (OR) or Illumise, (AS) 4%, Route 117

SMUSUM: Kangaskhan, 1%, Wela Volcano Park, or Bagon, 1%, Route 3

LGPE: Non Static Legendary Birds, <1%, any Route, High catch combo

SwSh is a mess because of weather, Overworld encounters, hidden encounters, strong spawns, etc.

Sword: Deino, Hakamo-o, and Turtonator, 1%, Lake of Outrage, Raining, Thunder, and Intense Sun, respectively

Shield: Goomy, Sliggoo, Drampa, 1%, Lake of Outrage, Raining, Thunder, and Thunder respectively


Thank you guys for dealing with my total BS on this thread and the other one.

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This is missing Surskit in RS, Illumise in S, Seedot in E, and Volbeat in RE.
Surskit and Seedot both appear in more than one location, and they can also swarm.

Volbeat and Illumise might fit into this category I need to do some checking
Thanks so much Gmax, check that, and then this'll be good but otherwise it'll be awesome.