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I need to know becuase I would like to start a new game of Pokemon white and don't wanna use samurott as my surfer and only as an attacker so I would love to know what there is gen 5 Pokemon only Please

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List of non-water type Pokemon that can learn HM Surf. I removed the ones that you wouldn't want because of incredibly low Special Attack.

Audino (isn't amazing, but it could work)
Cubchoo/Beartic (not bad special attack, actually)
Stunfisk (possible...)
Hydreigon (really good Special Attack)

You can choose from these.

Beartic's moveset would be, if he were Modest:
-Ice Beam
-Frost Breath
-Grass Knot

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I edited a moveset onto mine for you, generally ingame pokes dont have EVs but I added it anyway. Arcane may have another for you.
Well the only problem with hydreigon is it takes to long to get and I a surfer sooner cuase I don't want to make samurott a surfer I'd rather not make him a mixed attacker
Well the earliest surfer you can get would be Audino. You can just use Cubchoo as an HM slave, and then catch a permanent Hydreigon pre-evo later in the game. As you don't want to teach Samurott Surf I assume it is physical, so Hydreigon would work well as a special attacker beside that.
Awesome thanks for the great suggestions
No problem,

Frost Breath not "Frosty" Breath ;)
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These Pokemon have high special attack, or they can be EV trained for Special attack in the case of Mew. It works well as coverage for all of them, but is most commonly seen on Hydreigon in competitive battling.

The best on to run surf however is STUNFISK

Nah just kidding.

There are many other Pokemon who can learn surf and are not water type, but they have a better Attack then Special attack. Some of those Pokemon include, Beartic, Haxorus, Hariyama, and Furret to name a few.

Hydreigon moveset (in-game)
EVs: 252 SAtk / 252 Spd / 4 HP
Nature: Modest
- Surf
- Fire Blast
- Focus Blast
- Dragon Pulse

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Haha can stunfisk even surf lol
man ninja'd again
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-Hydreigon, The best none water type Pokemon in gen V black/white to use. Only none-water type that can produce a strong surf in gen V black/white
-Haxorus, (not recommended), very low special attack stat and will do a disapointingly amount of damage
- Beartic, not bad
- Stoutland, often used just to get around but it has a horrible special attack stat

  • Aggron can learn surf but not recommended

-Tyranitar, not really

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Just letting you know jojo he said "None Water type" meaning non-water types :P
lol mr.K, thanks for the info
Thanks for the suggestions