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I caught Darmanitan which looks like Zen Mode version even with full health. Im confused because Zen Mode ability says that it changes its for when running on low health... please explain to me. Thanks

Are playing pokemon black/white version. And did the darmanitan change back into it's normal mode when the battle started?
So it was Zen Mode when the battle started? Or were you not paying attention and then you looked back and it was full health? Did it use Rest? Was it at the Desert Resort? What is with this?!
Try what he said i think it's a glitch. ^
Yepp,battle started and it was in Zen mode :) In Desert resort,caught it ,healed it..still zen mode :)

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This happened to me, and it actually happens on rare occasions. My darmainitan also stayed in zen mode for the rest of the time after it got healed. It is normal and this occasion only happens in a scale of 0.1-0.2. So what happened isn't out of the normal.

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This sounds like a glitch to me, cuz the Darmanitan came out of zen mode when I gave it the rarecandybar. Firstly, the question of "did you catch a Darmanitan in the desert resort?" arises, as commented by DT~Valet. The only Darmanitan you can get without using Dream World (DW) is at the Desert Resort. Also the question of "did you catch the Darmanitan in zen mode?" It will stay in zen mode until it is healed in battle, something to that matter anyway. If so, that'll probably why your having this problem.

My easy solution is when this Darmanitan gets to half heath or less, heal it (in a battle), as (formerly) commented by alias. If this doesn't work it is definitely a glitch and put Darmatitan way (PC).

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Wel...I caught it in Zen mode..healed it in pokecenter and it remained in Zen form :)
Heal it in battle, which I said, then it will come out of zen mode
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That s just how you catch him bw there s 5 all you need is a rang candy bar bw . One roams around don t think it should be in zen mode it s ns bw2. What you said sounds like the one of the five in bw if your playing bw2 somthings wrong.

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