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When you earn enough dream points in a Dream World session to allow your Pokemon to level up, what happens if it reaches a level where it would normally learn a move?

I'm just asking because I tucked in a Darumaka, who leveled up to 22 when he woke up, which is where he would normally learn fire punch. I assumed it would work like the daycare, and just replace his topmost move with whatever he was trying to learn, but when I checked his status, he had no fire punch. Have I lost the chance to learn that move forever?


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If you bring a Heart Scale to Mistralton City (Black/White) or the PWT (Black/White 2), they will teach your Pokemon any level up move that they have forgotten or were never taught.

So if you take your Darumaka there, and you give the girl in Black/White or the clerk in Black/White 2 a Heart Scale, you will be able to teach Darumaka Fire Punch and any other move from it's level-up moves that it has forgotten.

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