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Which one is better to use on Black 2?


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Ok, I suggest that you use Blaziken.
Blaziken is very powerful. He was so powerful in competitive play that he was sent to the highest tier, ubers. That is the tier with Mewtwo and Zekrom. He has access to good moves, too. Here is the set I reccomend:

Item: expert belt
Ability: Blaze
Nature: Jolly
Recommended EV's: 252 att/ 252 spe/ 4 hp
Swords Dance
High Jump Kick
Blaze Kick
Rock Slide/ Stone Edge

With this set, first, you use swords dance to make you stronger, and then you sweep the opponent's team.

Hope this helps :)

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If you can get his dream world ability, Speed Boost, then it is much better than Blaze. It very hard to get though.
Thanks! Also, thank you for helping earlier and not flagging me before. ^^
No problem. Happy to help :)
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I prefer Blaziken mainly because his Dream world ability 'Speed boost'. Speed boosts, boosts Blazikens speed after each turn. He is considered a Uber Pokemon.

Umm... Speed Boost Torchics can't be obtained legitimately anymore unless you hack. Or if you find somebody who has one.
Thanks, but if it doesn't have speed boost? :)
Typhlosion is better because of Eruption!

SuperTyphlosion, um yes you can, lol.
I got one a month or two ago. When did this happen?