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I'm choosing a Fire - type starter Pokemon to put in my team. I can't choose whether to pick Charizard or Typhlosion. Please put a good moveset next to your suggestion.

Thanks! - Sandybunting

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bad special movepool

dual typing means dual STAB
better movepool
viable physical set with belly drum
solar power
x4 rock weakness (50% damage from stealth rock)
i would go with charizard

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Well from a Stat point of view there is nothing different, since these two starters have the distinction of having the EXACT SAME BASE STATS. xD
In comparison to movesets Typhlosion is one of the small group of Pokemon who get access to Eruption and coming off a base 109 SpA, it's going to hit pretty hard.
Typhlosion's sole Fire Typing gives it less weaknesses than Charizard's Fire/Flying. In Moveset Terms, Charizard ia lot more versatile with STAB Air Slash and moves like Dragon Pulse and Fire Blast to back it up.
In an ingame strategy, I'd pick Charizard, just because more moves = more super effective = more yay xD. And Charizard is just pure aweosme ;o

In a competitive standard Typhlosion and Charizard aren't too different in my opinion. Typhlosion's awesome eruption gives it an effective niche. Especially something like Choice Specs Typhlosion in Sun. Everything dies. However in the same token, Charizard's ability Solar Power evens up the odds since it increases SpA by 50% (A choice specs boost) at the cost of some health each round, and roost gives it extra longetivty. However its Stealth Rock weakness leaves a little to be desired. So in a competitive scene I'd say just choose which one suits your team more, since most of Typhlosion's power comes from Eruption, if you have a reliable way of healing go him, but if using Charizard a rapid spinner is basically mandatory to get it's full effect.

Also forgot to say this but Charizard can run an effective Physical attacking set with access to moves like Swords Dance, Acrobatics, Earthquake and Flare Blitz

Typhlosion @ Choice Specs
Ability: Flash Fire
EVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Timid Nature
-Fire Blast
-Focus Blast
-HP Grass
In this set. Eruption. Choice Specs. Enough said. :P

Charizard @ Heat Rock
Ability: Solar Power
EVs: 4 Def / 252 SpA / 252 Spe
Timid Nature
-Sunny Day
-Fire Blast
Sunny day boosts Charizard's offensive prowess and Heat Rock increases the duration
Alternatively if you run Charizard in OU with Ninetales Drought (this is a dumb thing to do and don't do it since Charizard is outclassed) you can run a full attackign set of Air Slash or Roost /Solar Beam/ Fire Blast/Focus Blast or something like that

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I think that might just work thanks =D
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I will choose Charizard over Typhlosion, why? Here's the answer:

Typhlosion and Charizard both got the same EV with total of 534.
Typhlosion is Fire-type while Charizard is Fire and Flying-type.
Typhlosion's move is mostly Fire-type and Normal-type with a hint of Fighting-type while Charizard is Fire and Dragon-type with hint of Flying-type.
Typhlosion had 3 weakness: Water, Ground and Rock
Charizard had 3 weakness: Water, Rock and Electric (but had immunity against Ground)
Typhlosion had 4 super-effective while Charizard had 5 super-effective.

Here's the move I suggest if you choose Charizard:

Charizard @ Leftover
Ability: Blaze
Nature: Modest
Flamethrower (With a high Sp. Atk it's become powerful and you got STAB too)
Fly (Same as Flamethrower)
Air Slash (It's good too and the reason is like Fly) or Fire Blast (it's as good as Flamethrower)
Blast Burn (It's the ultimate move and got high damage, but you can't move in the next turn)

Hope this information help you. :D

Thanks. I think I'm leaning more to knightofdragon's Choice Specs Typhlosion though
I don't think you know what EV means... they both a have a 534 Base Stat total.
Well not literally know, sorry JarJar~
@Sandybunting: Yes, I know it's raise your Sp. Atk by 50% but as the result you cannot use all move, only one. That's why I suggest Leftover.
the whole point of choice specs typhlosion is to spam eruption btw. xD
It doesn't matter for any fast pokemon with eruption/water spout if they're choiced since they're only going to be spamming that anyway. unless on really low health in which they spam coverage