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I am gonna get sunny day and on my typhlosion and I dont know to get rid of flame thrower or eruption.I think I should keep flame thrower because its so reliable,while eruption is so strong but low pp and only good if full hp.Also its current moves are flame thrower,focus blast,solar beam, and eruption. Any help is nice :)

Eruption To Rid.

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The optimal competitive set would have both Eruption and Flamethrower. This way you can use a Fire type STAB even when you are low on health. Sunny Day is not a good move for Typhlosion in competitive, rather you should get some other Pokemon such as Uxie to set it up if you want to use it.

As for ingame use, Flamethrower is the better option, due to its reliability and higher PP.

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Probably the best idea would be to get rid of Focus Blast
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I agree on Getting rid of Eruption Because of low PP. But why not get a Vulpix or Ninetailes With Drought (DW)?

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It really depends I'd suggest having both but this isn't my opinion it's your question. In game flame thrower is good with 95 power and 100 accuracy along with 15 pp it's a nice choice. Eruption is better for battle frontier/subway with 150 power 100 accuracy but the sucky 5 pp. its still good ingame. Like I said I'd have both if I were you but I guess flamethrower is the better option for now.