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So Gardevoir is my favorite Pokemon and I want to get one in sun. I have three starter final evolutions from previous games: Samurott, Serperior and Typhlosion. Which one, if either, is worth Gardevoir?

Are you asking which starter is just as good as Gardevoir, similar to Gardevoir...?
I'm pretty sure that the answer to this question would have to be an opinion, so it's against the rules.
Are you saying that each Pokemon has a price?
I don't feel like this is opinionated, but feel free to disagree. I think there are enough objective ways to compare Pokemon that this fits in fine (e.g. typing, ability, movepool, stats, etc). You'll just be making multiple comparisons in one answer.
I can start this out right now by saying Contrary Serperior is the best of all three starters and would have the most overall value.
What do you want to use these Pokemon for? Is it for completing the storyline, battling in the Battle Tree, or battling other people?
Personally, I feel any of those would be worth a Gardevoir. While Serperior, Samurott, and Typhlosion might not get you as much as they could have last gen because of how readily they can be found with Island Scan, I think they'd still fetch well on the GTS due to how Island Scan is convoluted enough that most won't attempt it. And they'd definitely be able to get you a Gardevoir; it can be found quite early in the game in both Gen 6 games, and it reaches its final evolution by level 30, which, considering what levels other 3-stage Pokemon reach their final form at, is pretty low. However, Gardevoir is still pretty rare, considering that since Ralts is found early in the Gen 6 games, and as a result most people might not take the time to train it up to level 30, and the ones that do will want to keep it, so you may want to lowball it and ask for a Kirlia, or even a Ralts. And as for which one would be worth the Gardevoir, it depends. Like Fizz said, Contrary Serperior is very valuable, and will without a doubt get you a Gardevoir. However, if you're trading over the GTS, or don't have Contrary Serperior, then I'd go with Typhlosion. Like I mentioned earlier, all three of those starters can be found through Island Scan. However, Samurott and Serperior, when using Island Scan, are found straight in their fully evolved forms. Typhlosion, however, will be found as a Cyndaquil through this method. So if someone wanted a Samurott or a Serperior, they could just Island Scan for one and get it instantly. With Typhlosion, though, they'd also have the added burden of training it up to level 36. Many people may not have the time or patience for that, so they would trade for it, which is where you come in.
Ok, so I got a Gardevoir for a combee. So uhh,,, yea, this is pointless now,
In my opinion, it depends. Those Pokemon are not worth Gardevoir because they may be better competitively or more rare. However, if Gardevoir is at a high level, then one of the Pokemon (or two) are worth it.

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Even though answering this is pointless now, I'll add my answer so this question doesn't stay in the 'not answered' section forever:

If you want to trade your Gardevoir for another Pokemon on the GTS, I would ask for a Serperior. Why?

If you want to battle with your Serperior:

  1. It has all around good stats, with speed being its best

  2. It has a good movepool. If you want more of a defensive Serperior, teach it Leech Seed, Coil, and Giga Drain. If you want a Serperior based on attack, teach it Leaf Blade and Leaf Storm.

If you want to breed your Serperior:

  1. Its hidden ability is Contrary. If you hatch a Snivy with Contrary, evolve it, and teach it Leaf Storm, your new Serperior gets x2 Sp. Atk. when it uses Leaf Storm.

  2. It has good egg moves, which include Pursuit, Iron Tail, and Mirror Coat.

So, even though this answer was pointless, there it is. Choose Serperior! :)