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So I know that Attract fails on Illusion, but what happens if my Zoroark is male, but appears to be a female Cinccino, and my Zoroark uses a contact move on a female Pokemon with Cute Charm?


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Well first off Zoroark's gender would be female and Cute Charm only works on opposite genders.

Female + Female w/ Cute Charm = no work

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Maybe there's some miscommunication here, but I meant a male Zoroark, and with Illusion he appears to be a female Pokemon. so would a contact move on a Pokemon with Cute Charm that is the opposite gender to Zoroark's original gender (male) activate?
I might test this later if nobody beats me to it.
Almost everything from Illusion changes Zoroark turning its gender female so for the time being its female until Illusion "breaks."
Ah I get you now. I was also wondering, does Illusion 'cancel out' abilities like Cute Charm, or does it only work if Zoroark appears to be the same gender as the Pokemon with an ability like Cute Charm?