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So I was following a guide video in YouTube about getting Shiny Pokémon via Cute Charm and I got the right TID and maybe the right SID but I can’t check that unless I have a Pokémon with Cute Charm to know if it worked.

I want to know what’s the earliest I could obtain a Pokémon with that ability (I think Milotic and Lopunny has it?) in Pearl (I think Jigglypuff too but I think that’s end game) So how soon in game can I get a male Pokémon with Cute Charm.

Also sorry if I got the formatting in the question wrong or it isn’t simple to understand

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The earliest Pokemon with the Cute Charm ability that can be obtained in Pearl is Lopunny by catching and evolving a Buneary in Eterna Forest. This area can be accessed after beating Mars in the Valley Windworks building. This area is after the first gym. Buneary can be difficult to evolve, since it needs to have such high friendship. It also has the chance to evolve into a Lopunny with the Klutz ability.

Another Pokemon I recommend is Cleffa. It can be found in the Route 207 entrance to Mt. Coronet. This area can be accessed after you beat the second gym and get the bike. However, unlike Buneary which has a 50/50 chance to be Male, Cleffa has a 25% chance to be Male and a 75% chance to be Female. Cleffa doesn't need to evolve to get the Cute Charm ability, but it can have the Magic Guard ability too.

Hope this helped.

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Thanks. I totally forgot Cleffa has Cute Charm
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