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Please Help. It says

No compatible access point in range Check your connection settings and try again. For help visit support.nintendo.com
Error code: 51099

I have wifi connected with my 3ds. Because I can connect to wifi when I use my Pokemon Black 2.

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My brother gets this too.
Yeah this sucks i remember that i have used wifi before, but when im trying now it doesnt work.
The same thing happens to me.
I'm pretty sure it is because the older games are incompatible with certain modems/routers, although that's just a guess.
Maybe they closed the servers for the older games?
Servers closed to a 3-4year old game? Unlikely.
Im having the same problem too!!
I feel ya bro,but I have the same problem at my dad's house,and he has WEP Wi-Fi!
me too

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I think I know what the problem is...

See, there are 2 "main" types of wifi, one known as WEP, and the other as WPA. All Gen 4 Pokemon games are ONLY compatible with WEP, unless you buy accessories to make work with WPA. So even though your 3DS may get access to the internet with WPA wifi, your SoulSilver, along with a lot of the pre-DSi games (including the DS & DS Lite), will only allow access to wifi with WEP or an accessory such as a NWFC USB. So really, its either...

  • Make piggy bank less full & buy an accessory that allows you to play online.
  • Change your wifi router from WPA to WEP (If you dont know how, dont try it)
  • Be like 95% of other people who have WPA and just stick to Gen 5 games.
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I have WPA so is that the reason why it doesnt work? I Have a friend that has WEP I gonna try his internet.
Well, I have white 2 and it still doesn't connect with WPA...
Yes, WPA with Gen 4 games are a no-no.
My BW2 doesn't connect either though when my brother's does.
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Okay, here you go:

Error Code: 51099

Most Likely Cause: 'It appears that the settings entered into the Nintendo DS are not compatible, or the router's broadcast settings should be changed.'

How to fix: 'Try creating a new connection with your system.'

If you need more help, go on to 'Google' and type up Nintendo Error Code 51099.
It should help.

Okay, nevermind. I found an old answer relating to this:

the question: my sister's heart gold game won't connect to wifi but my black game will why is this?

the answer was...

Heartgold and Soul Silver you still need the Nintendo WFC USB. you have to purchase it. Black and white you can just do it over

Kudos to LiooneTate

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Ok, +1. I will wait vefore i give the BA
Okay, so, it says Broadcast settings. Maybe your internets off or head closer to the router