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I know the internet is compatible, and I entered every detail into my DS. The SSID, the WEP, the DNS, the Gateway, etc. I double-checked that they were correct. And every time I test the connection, it gives me an error code and says to check that the settings are correct.

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There are several reasons for this.

What type of DS was it? Some DS' are not compatible with certain access points and routers. If that is the case, there is virtually nothing you can do other than switch your router. 3DS should work for almost any point, but DS and DSi can be very picky with what routers you can use. Sorry

If the router is compatible, then instead of putting everything in, just search for a hotspot or whatever it was called. if it find the correct one, then it should change the settings automatically. If it isn't then you picked up someone elses broadband :}

[Check this website for help][1].

Hope I could help.
[1]: http://www.nintendo.com/consumer/systems/ds/#wfc

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hmm.. when i search, it doesn't input all the info.
and it's a DS Lite, btw. thanks.
if it doesn't put in all the info then the DS just doesn't like your waypoint or touter. there is little you can do other than changing your router or by using a Nintedno USB cable to connect via your PC rather than Wi-fi.
I have Comcast. Will it work? :'(