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Hey guys I have friend that have diamond and he seen alll the sinnoh pokemons but he cant get the national dex,can someone tell me why??!!

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Has he really? There shouldn't be a reason why he couldn't get it, if he has. If he's seen them all, then he just goes to Rowan to get the National Dex. There must be a few he's missed.

Common slips in the dex are usually Wormadam, Combee, Lumineon, Chatot, the pixie trio, and Palkia / Dialga. Get your friend to check his Pokedex, and make sure he's truly seen them all. He may have to have beaten the Champion as well, in order to get it.

He do all this things to defeat elite four,champion and complete the sinnoh pokedex
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Did your friend have seen Palkia? if not, go to Celestic town and talk to the elder to see the Palkia picture and you can register it to pokedex! your friend must have to beat the Elite4 and the champion too. after that, go see Prof. Rowan to upgrade your friend pokedex to National Pokedex...