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Tell me the advantages and the disadvantages of either one or both. Thank you.


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Lets see,the shuca berry halves the damage from ground type moves when they are super effective Remember our battle (V.S My rain team) my jolteon had a shuca berry,not an air ballon(I did have an air ballon at the time)To make sure that Pokemon faster than jolteon using a ground type move woul'nt OHKO (however in some cases like facing my lil bro and his palkia survived my thunder and OHKO'd jolteon even with shuca berry.shuca berries are pretty good even with levitate Rotom heat(fire eletric) is one example of a Pokemon who has 4x weaknesses to eletric,If it is hit with smack down ,gravity takes affect,or a mold breaker Pokemon (most notably,rampardos)can use earth quake and with the shuca berry,It would do 2x damage not 4.Lets take it to the air ballon,Its levitate Until you are hit with any type of attack but ground,Mold breaker does not affect the air ballon but gravity does,it also says if you are holding an air ballon or not so that lets people know,"Hey,that jolteon has an air ballon,I'll stone edge it"It will say (pokemon)is floating in the air with its air ballon but It doesnt do the same thing to a shuca berry. say we have an elactrode and is holding an air ballon,if electrode is sent out,the game will say "elactrode is floating in the air with its air ballon,the opponent will use an attack that pops the air ballon(any attack,If you are in the pwt or on wi-fi,you will get your ballon back)

I suggest shuca berry more because it doesnt let your opponent know that your Pokemon is holding a shuca berry and halves damage from super effective ground type moves!

I hope I helped

-your freind,Magikarp :)

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Thank you so much! Both me and m Chandelure are happy!  Watch out for when we battle, because my Chandelure will have the Shuca Berry!
A charti berry halves damage from rock type attacks,the passho is for water,the colbur is for dark and more
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Shuca berry
>Halves damage taken from a super effective Ground-type attack. Single use.

Air Balloon
>Holder is immune to Ground-type attacks. Pops when holder is hit.

Both the Berry and the Balloon are "single use", i.e, the balloon pops when hit (by a non-Ground Type Attack, of course) , and the berry once consumed does help further. So, I'd personally go for the Air Balloon. It is also used more often in Competitive Battling.

IMO Immune > Halves