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I want to get the TM for Bulk Up. What are the chances that Medicham will hold a Coba Berry? I searched, like, all day and no luck. I used a knocked out Compound Eyes Butterfree at the front of my party and a Frisk Gothitelle. Is there something I'm doing wrong, or is it just luck?

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Not gonna add this as an answer since I'm unsure, but are you sure it'll actually be HOLDING the Berry? I'm fairly certain the Pokemon in Ultra Space only have a chance of dropping a Berry in front of you AFTER the battle.
I edited it to hold because I didn't know about Pokemon being able to drop items in Ultra Space.

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Here is a link for possible items held by wild Pokemon. As you can see, Meditite and Medicham are number 307 and 308. Based on this chart, Medicham and Meditite never hold the Coba Berry as an item in Gen 7.
According to this article on the Coba Berry, it can only be found in a Berry pile in northeast Poni Wilds.

Source: Bulbapedia

EDIT: In the first comment below, it said not to trust Bulbapedia as of yet, since the games are still fairly new. With that in mind, I suggest trying your luck with the tree in Poni Wilds that I mentioned above.

SECOND EDIT: Just found this out, but it is correct that Medicham may drop a Coba Berry after battling it in Ultra Space. This is disgustingly late, but just thought I should put this on here for sake of accuracy.

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Bulbapedia hasn't added all information about USUM yet. Don't cite Bulbapedia for these kinds of answers in the next few months or so.