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I just need Reshiram and then I can go to the nature preserve, but I can't trade it over because I have white version.

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Do you have Wi-Fi?
yes I have Wi-Fi  -_-
Wi-fi :D

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  1. Go on Pokemon Global Link and check what people would offer for Reshiram. (For trading on GTS)

  2. Ask a friend to trade you a Reshiram from Pokemon Black 1 or White 2.

  3. A Neo Team Plasma Grunt will show you the opposing legend on the ship.

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You can only get I by trade,I can give you my reshiram

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"I can give you my reshiram" doesn't seem like a good answer.
how can you give me your reshiram?
Dude, I've seen some of your comments... Less CAPS and !!????? OK?
And duh... Trading.
That's just a pathetic answer.
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You can trade with someone who has Black or white 2, or regester Reshiram in your pokedex and use GTS. Another good way is to make your saying on Pokemon "FIRE ZEKROM". People will understand and may trade you Reshiram.I hope this helps.

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No offense, but I don't think many people will understand that. Good answer though.
That'll Work?