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I need skitty but it is a version exlusive!


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Impossible, You must trade it over, in black2 you can ONLY get buneary eevee and cottonee, If you want a skitty that bad go buy a white 2 and make it to the sewers and trade skitty for buneay or so.

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That was mean...
No. Skitty is NOT version exclusive. This shouldn't be best answer, it is wrong.
Hmmm... looks like that website was wrong. You're right, down vote removed.
@flame, I mean if anyone really needs a skitty (I do too) Then they have no option BUT to go and buy a white 2 or if needing a buneary go get black 2,
I higly recommend the dream world on pokemon.com, Its all about trading and stuff and lets you get pokemon, Idk if version exclusives are on though.
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Just like White 2 you can get it in Castelia. You go through the Castelia sewers and you should see stairs. Go up them and you should come up to patches of grass. Skitty will be there, but it is an uncommon Pokémon, so it'll be hard to find it.
Look in double grass and go down four Pokemon and it'll say skitty for W2 and B2

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it doesn't work I tried for 7 hours strait.
My pokedex says it is in Castelia and I caught one... I even have one right now in my White 2 from Castelia. It is uncommon, so It is hard to find it. It isn't exclusive.
check the Pokémon database in black and white 2 version exclusives!
I clicked on your link and it says only W2
Oh, I think I may have accidentally looked at one of the Pokémon that say B2 and W2 and thought it was Skitty...
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Go to castellia city sewers and if you go deep enough,you will some stairs that go up,you will find grass there and skitties might appear.

Note:you can also find eevee's there.

Same answer as mine...
No you cant check the pokemon database
LOL Glig I love your edits.
edit my comments please.