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Arceus as a counter to everything but Groudon!

Type: Electric

Draco Meteor/Dragon Pulse

Or maybe:

Type: Bug

Dragon Pulse/Draco Meteor


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Electric is definitely the way to go. There are too many dragons in Uber for him to do that, plus it's overdone. though I would suggest running some super effective move like Energy ball to cover his weakness, there are quite a few flying types in Uber, so Earthquake kind of loses its shine. (not saying much, it's still powerful even in Uber. So You could run Ice beam or surf...Something super effective.

I had made all the moves except for Earthquake, and I had only two Pokemon left, DIalga and Groudon. So I would leave one of them without weakness either way. So Dialga or Groudon, which would you suggest I focus on? Dialga gets countered by Quake, Groudon by Beam. Actually Earth Power might be better than Quake. What do you think?
Hmm. I like beam better, since you can exploit the 4X weakness that most dragons carry. so That's a good choice. or you could drop draco meteor and carry both if you think that it will be a problem and just run both, using ice beam to cover dragons (but you would have to deal with Dialga, palkia, and giratina, mainly.)
Giratina is weak to ice
True. But it has several counters to ice attacks.
Yes but from electric it is harder I know when I used main against volkners luxray that kept using ice fang on him and my torterra
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A definite dragon pulse and replace X-scissor with ice beam to cover raquaza, garchomp, salamece, dragonite, the lati twins, giratina, and groudon. though becuase ice covers all the dragon ubers other than dialga and palkia you don't need dragon pulse and earthquake kills dialga but in my opinion you should focus on one offensive stat if you go with S. attack judgement, ice beam, dragon pulse, and earthpower becuase earth power is one 10 points weaker than earthquake and may lower S.def