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I am trying to decide between two sets for an Arceus that can hit anything, but I just need to know which set and moves are the best for it. (Both has relaxed nature -Spd,+Def)

Set 1
Arceus @ Spooky Plate
Ability: Multitype
- Judgement (Ghost)
- Brick Break (If you have a better recommendation for a fighting type move, please tell me)
- Extreme Speed
- Recover

Set 2
Arceus @ Fist Plate
Ability: Multitype
- Judgement (Fighting)
- Shadow Ball (If you have a better recommendation for a ghost type move, please tell me)
- Extreme Speed
- Recover

(For competition in battle spot in main series games)

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What I see:
If you do Arceus ghost, Replace brick break with focus blast: It is best not to do split offensives on Arceus. Extreme speed is still a great priority move, it can ko Pokemon with low hp, even if you aren't offensive. If you wish to use another move, moves I would recommend are: Cosmic power(unexpected) {1}, Flash cannon, Psyshock, or flamethrower.

If you use Arceus fighting: Extreme speed is okay but can be replaced with the same moves as Arceus ghost if need be.

I'd use Arceus Fighting: It is unexpected and can easily become difficult for opponents to deal with.

Source: I use Arceus in battle spot a lot.

{1} I sweep with Arceus dragon and cosmic power in the battle spot.

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When legendary and mythical Pokemon are allowed, there tends to be a lot of fairy Pokemon and flying Pokemon everywhere. There are relatively few dark Pokemon (Yveltal is pretty much the only one, and it's not like fighting Arceus would be better against it), so a ghost Arceus would get more opportunities to be sent into battle and be useful and be less likely to be shut down quickly. I would recommend the ghost Arceus. By the way, you should probably use shadow force instead of judgement so investing in physical attack will power up all your moves.

Actually, sf is an event only move for arceus
Shadow force Arceus is insanely rare for battle spot and not likely to have. Also, I find that they can be very predictable. I don't think TEE has the event moves, or they'd have it in their set.
It's less predictable when you give Arceus a ghostium Z and use shadow force as a Z-move. If he/she/it can't get shadow force, then shadow claw should be used instead.
If fairy and Flying types are common, i would actually SUGGEST using a fighting type. Often, it's the unexpected which can mess people up the most.
However, i never use battle spot...
Just means I let my more applicable teammates deal with them and save Arceus for later. Anyways, the only fairy type that is consistent in battle spot is Mimikyu, and, you don't know what type Arceus is in preview. 90% of battle spot Arceus are Fairy, so having a fighting Arceus with psyshock and flamethrower will take care of steel/poison types(mostly steel).
So nobody ever sees Xerneas, Salamence, Ho-Oh, or Magnearna in Battle Spot?
You see em, but they are actually really rare. Remember, not everybody on battle spot knows how to competitive battle, I could play ten battles and see more untrained teams than seeing said fairy/flying types.
Actually, I can't remember the last time I've seen any of those. A lot of teams are similar to AG (ultra necrozma a bit, box legends, etc. Not a lot of people use mythical because not a lot have em. And then every once and a while you get a hacked team (perfect Iv shinies, although I've gotten more through wonder-trade than actually fighting them). And even the Necrosma' aren't always used, especialy when they see arceus, they go "oh no fairy". remember, you can only use 3 pokes in battle spot.