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I've got 2 Eevees, both with quite good IVs:

Eevee 1: 28/24/24/24/14/14; HP Fire; Anticipation; Calm; Scatters things often
Eevee 2: 1/24/31/13/23/29; HP Grass; Run Away; Quirky; Capable of taking hits (shiny)

I'm considering making Eevee 1 an Espeon, since it has HP Fire + (will have) Magic Bounce, plus Calm nature, but the speed IV makes me a bit worried, so I'm looking for some advice.

Eevee 2 I've got no clue. I thought maybe Umbreon at first, but its HP IV is worst of the worst. It's special attack is nothing to shout about, so maybe Leafeon/ Flareon? Or should I just ignore IVs and go for which shiny Eeveelution I like best.



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Eeveevolve the first Eevee to a Vaporeon. Because it has 28 hp IVs and Calm nature which is good for a Vaporeon.

Eeveevolve the second Eevee to a Glaceon. because it has 31 Defence IVs the hp IVs sucks but the defence works. Btw Flareon sucks so don't go with Flareon.


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Jofly do you mind if I answer this too?
Answer it if you want ;)
I already have a Hydration Vaporeon with favourable IVs. Probably should've put that in my Q...
& while I don't have much use for a Glaceon, I do like their shiny design..
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I personally like Vaporeon and Glaceon the best. Sure, the other evolutions are great, but I think that Vaporeon and Umbreon have an amazing special attack stat. Not only that, but Vaporeon seems to grow very quickly in level, and both learn a good moveset.