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I am looking for a female ferroseed in chargestone cave (pokemon Black) in order to breed a ferroseed with an Egg move. Problem is, every single ferroseed i've found so far has been male. Which is confusing to say the least, as according to bulbapedia the ration should be 50-50, yet 10 ferroseeds in a row have been male. The chances of that happening are 1/2^10, or 1 in 1024. Am I just really unlucky? Should I keep trying? or is there something I don't know about that determines the gender of the Pokemon i'm facing?


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You're just extremely unlucky.

Keep trying to find that Ferroseed; there isn't anything else that you're missing.

A little tip to increase your chance of finding a female is to have a male Pokemon with Cute Charm lead your team. This will make the chances of finding a female 66.7% instead of the normal 50% on Ferroseed.

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No problem :)
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I have a female ferroseed, and I think that gender is just pure luck! (I've been searching for a female pidove to breed and I still can't find one). But if you really want to breed your ferroseed, I breed most of my Pokemon using my ditto. Ditto has no gender, and this allows it to breed with any Pokemon. It also tends to be quicker with ditto. You can find one in Giant Chasm in the outside grass area.