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I'm not sure if OHKO moves are good to use. They have ok accuracy but not 100% So what do you guys think? Thanks!

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No. They are terrible, with one exception. Excadrill can run Hone Claws and Guillotine and that can work okay in-game. OHKO moves are banned in competitive battling, so the only use is in-game.

Even though a OHKO sounds pretty tempting, it's not worth it unless it is the set I listed above. The accuracy is User Level - Target Level + 30, which usually ends up low. If a high vs low takes place, the high Pokemon can OHKO with another move anyway, so its kinda pointless. An example is lvl 33 vs lvl 27. This would be only 36 accuracy, which is awful. Another thing is the low PP, so you can't spam it with a bulky Pokemon. They also are pretty rare. Most, or even all are better off running a powerful attack that still can OHKO with the right boosts.

Hope I helped :) Formula: Here

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OHKO moves, the majority of the time are not reliable. The formula for calculating its accuracy is:

Accuracy=[(level of user)-(level of target)] + 30

Therefore, your ohko move won't have perfect accuracy until you seventy levels ahead of you opponent, and won't even hit half the time until your 20 levels ahead, at which point, its just easier to ok your opponents with regular attacks.

However, there is ONE exception

Articuno, the legendary bird of winter, is an interesting Pokemon. While it has decent stats all around and good defenses, it's attack and special attack are nothing notable. Also, its movepool is pretty much limited to ice and flying type moves. However, it does get mind reader, a move that guarantees the next hit, and sheer cold. Use mind reader first, then your guaranteed to ko your opponent with sheer cold next turn. However, this is gimmicky and requires set up, and articuno's weaknesses to multiple common types often prevents this from working. Smeargle, who can learn any move, can also do this, but its rather poor stats limit its viability.

So in short, ohko moves, almost all the time, aren't good.

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Yes if you're a higher level than your opponent's Pokemon. If not, then its accuracy is just the same.

If you're level 65 and the other Pokemon is level 60, then the move is 100%.

If you're level 65 and the opponent's Pokemon is level 70 then its accuracy is the same.

In my opinion, it's an okay move to use, but there are much better moves out there.

Also, OHKO moves are banned in many different places for competitive play (including here, in our bans and clauses).

In game, I found them too unreliable to use and usually stuck to less powerful and more reliable moves.
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