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So, I have an AR and that lets you modify Pokemon abilities. If you changed Shedinja's to Sturdy, would it be able to weather an attack with no damage taken? Or would it faint?
If you dont already know, which you probably do, Shedinja only has 1 hp.


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First off, like all hacks and glitches, this action may mess up your game.

To answer your question, it will be able to block from moves like pursuit, but not from something like a damaging status problem or moves like cross poison, which can cause poison. I would not see this working towards the fact that sandstorm/hail, confusion, poison/burn, and entry hazards will KO shedinja, in similarly to shedinja's actual ability wonder guard.

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I'm actually getting tired of seeing this in AR questions. The only AR codes that "mess up" your game are any codes that involve Eggs, Egg hatching, and Event Codes. All the others do not. Just letting that out there for future answers.
Thank you. This really helped.