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I'm trying to breed the perfect Escavalier for catching Pokemon. I've already got Megahorn and Horn Attack from my Heracross and now I'm trying to breed Screech from a Venipede but I can't figure it out. I've drawn family trees and other diagrams but I just can't figure it out. Hopefully when I'm done it'll know Megahorn, Horn Attack, Screech, and False Swipe.

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I use a Bisharp with T-Wave and False Swipe through TM's

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No Pokemon learn Megahorn, Screech, Horn Attack & False Swipe

Sorry that's what I got when I used the moveset calculator. Though may I suggest Swords Dance over Screech, Return/Substitute over Horn Attack, Iron Head over False Swipe. Megahorn is fine but if you want accuracy go X-Scissor. These are just suggestions you don't have to use them but it would benefit you.

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Keep false swipe it is the key for catching.