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Like you know how ash meets a new girl every gen. Is there ever romance involved in them??

Edit: Was there ever kissing?

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Well yes Ash says he misses an old friend very much. Then you got Brock falling in love with just about all the Nurse Joy's and Officer Jenny's from Kanto to Sinnoh. Kenny has a crush on Dawn. Though they never show anyone getting to serious in the series. There are also fanart that shows Ash with Misty/May/Dawn/Iris depending which ones you find.

Edit: There yes and no in the movie Pokémon Heroes: Latios and Latias, Bianca/Latias kissed Ash on the cheek but nothing other than that unless you count the multiple times Brock has tried to kiss a girl.

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oh crap, how could i possibly forget about brock....but I was probably referring to ash and the new girls he meets every gen i guess
I didn't knowtist Kenny has a crush on Dawn!
LOL Brock xD
In Pokémon: Sinnoh League Victors! Kenny asks Dawn to come on a journey with him. In that episode, he was pretty nervous to do it, and Brock gave him a 'Don't Give Up!' and 'Love Conquers All!' speech. Then, Kenny did it, but Dawn wanted to cheer Ash at the Pokémon League.
dont forget the pokemon love, for example there was an episode where jesse s dustox loved another guy s dustox.
Love in pokemon is so silly to me.:)
Officer Jenny and Nurse Joy kissed Brock in "All dressed up with somewhere to go."
Ash's butterfree fell in love with a pink butterfree, so he released it to be free among its kind in one of the saddest moments in the pokemon anime.