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While training a Vanillite, I would use acid armor do survive the hits from high level Audinos (speed training). Sometimes it would say it raised its defense sharply, but sometimes it would raise its defense (super) drastically. The reason I say super: To test exactly what happened I used I used it again, and then I used it once more after that. The levels of defense should have went 3, then 5, then 7 (6). The first was the only drastic one. However it seems to have went 4, 6, 8 (6) because the last use didn't raise its defense at all (stats wont go any higher). This happens often enough so that I don't think its a glitch. Help?


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Most likely the Audinos you were batteling used Simple Beam, changing you Vanilites ability to Simple.

The Simple ability doubles all stat changes and the power of critical hits. The move Simple Beam can change a Pokemon's ability to Simple.

For example, using Swords Dance would increase the Pokemon's attack by 4 stages instead of the usual 2. If Tail Whip was targeted at this Pokemon, its defense would drop 2 stages instead of 1. Critical Hits do 4× regular damage instead of 2×.

If this was not the case, you might have a glitched game.
Source: http://pokemondb.net/ability/simple

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