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If I had a Togekiss with Serene Grace, a King's Rock, and Extrasensory (which I do- why would I ask this if I didn't?), what are the chances of Extrasensory making the opponent flinch? Pretty good I assume, or am I wrong?


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King's Rock does not effect Extrasensory. So no. As such, only a 20% chance at flinching. Use Air Slash, it gets a 64% chance at flinching with King's Rock and Serene Grace.

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P + (1 - p) * 0.1 is the formula for King's Rock.

A pokemon with serene grace and a king's rock using Air slash would have a 64% chance.

Extrasensory does not get King's Rock boost.
Who's right??
Okay fixed it.
Mine is saying the same thing now, a 64 % chance with air slash. Though with extrasensory is where we differ.
Your all technically right, I voted you allup.
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Only 20% chance so not really