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If he did introduce himself somewhere, please exuse my membories..Who was the guy that given me the Vs.Recorder? Because I think I wasn't paying attention..Do I meet him again somewhere?Do I have to beat Indio at the battle subway?


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It is given to the player by Looker during their first encounter with him in Jubilife City in Platinum, by the player's friend (the opposite-gender character) before entering Violet City for the first time in HeartGold and SoulSilver, by an NPC upon entering the Battle Subway in Nimbasa City in Black and White and by the opposite-gender after beating Ingo and Emmet in a Tag Battle with them in Black 2 and White 2.

Opposite Gender meaning the Opposite version of the Main Character. So if you picked the Girl, the Boy gives it to you, and vise-versa.

Oooooooh!How could I totally missed where  that came from?!And I been playing almost all the versions you mention?!..:0
Game Freak sure have been developing that Vs.Recorder...