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I saw on serebii that there's a Deoxys and Manaphy wifi event going on now with Heatran and Shaymin coming up and I wanted to know how to access it.


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NO!! UDF and Trachy are wrong! Well, actually Trachy is right, but these events are all for Pokemon Ranger- Tracks of Light only, NOT platinum. It's a real bummer :(

I was hoping to get them on my HG, but all 4 are for Tracks of Light. It says the game that they're available through on Serebii, so look at that before attempting a download.

Or just watch for it to be listed on Pokemondb here.
We don't have any Pokemon Ranger events, so if you see an event here, you'll know it's an event for D/P/PT/HG/SS/B/W.

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First you nust go to jubilife city in the big building with the lottery on the second to top floor tell the news man everyone happy and then wi-fi connestion then save then turn off the power then turn it on again then press mystery gift then receive from nintendo wfc

Your completely corredt. it's just that those are all P. Ranger events :(
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GO to mystery gift in the main menu before you start the game, and hit "recieve mystery gift through nintendo wfc. and there you go.

Whats the mystery gift thing I heard it was Link Together With All?
Nevermind I found it.