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Hi Everyone,

I just bought Ultra Sun and considering its recent release I wanted to ask how am I supposed to determine if there is a wifi event happening in-game to give me a Pokemon gift? I've searched all over google and cannot find a reliable answer or one that is current and not from a year ago.

Any help would be great as I've never bought a Pokemon game upon its release and therefore I've never gotten any event Pokemon and would like to get them for once.


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By "wifi event", do you mean Mystery Gift or in-game trade?
I mean how Nintendo might release a particular pokemon, such as the shiny yveltal and Xerneas in X and Y for a certain period of time. I wanna know how are player supposed to know when these events are happening
Usually, you can find out on Pokémon's YouTube channel.

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One word for ya:
Serebii.net gives any news on Pokemon, no matter how insignificant-seeming. I've never been ignorant of an event for a long while, as I go to serebii almost every day. Just look at it, and you will always know. Currently, there is a rockruff wifi and Ash-cap pikachu qr event going on, and there will be more as time goes on!

Thanks for the response, would you be able to provide a link or explain where exactly on the site i need to go to show the current events as I cant seem to find it;

For example, would the below link be the one you yourself use or do you view a different place on the site for current events?
well i did add a serebii link, and on the news, it'll tell if an event is happening anywhere
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The Pokemon Company usually shares this info on their official site ( Pokemon.com ) or on their YouTube Channel you can also find information about events on forums.