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I keep hearing about WiFi event but have never understood how they work.

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OK, I'll give you the steps:

  1. Go on Mystery Gift from the main menu before you start the game. (In some games, you need a password to get it)
  2. Choose the option that says (or is close to saying) "Receive gift through Wi-Fi."
  3. Wait for it to connect.
  4. Your event gift should or sent into your game. Usually you pick the Pokemon up from the delivery man in the PokeCenter.

Note: You must have a wireless router in order for it to occur. It also must be compatible with the DS.

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So when ever there is an event going on all you have to do is that and you can get it?
Not now, however, an event Victini that has V-Create, Searing Shot, Fusion Bolt, and Fusion Flare are coming out pretty soon.
wait do you need a Victini to get moves or are you saying you can get a Victini
You can get a Victini.