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Like blissey can have be the most specially defensively bulky Pokemon in the game with 255Hp and 135SpDef. So how about for defense?


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So you want to consider both hp and defense, well then Regirock wins. Base 80 hp and base 200 defense make it the most defensively bulky golem around. Steelix comes in at a close second though, with base 75 hp and 200 def, and arguably has a superior defensive typing. Next comes Aggron, with 70 hp and 180 def. honorable mentions go to deoxys d, shuckle, cloyster, forretress skarmory and many more Pokemon who are defensively bulky in their own right

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Oh didn't factor in abilities. Just stats.
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Giratina can survive Banded Zekrom Outrage with max HP and Max Def. Lugia with Multiscale unbroken would also be able to take several hits.

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im not talking about the pokemon with the highest defense stat.... ok so lets say a poke uses seed bomb on these 2 pokes: Shuckle-252Hp/252Def impish, Steelix-252Hp/252Def impish, who would die first assuming seed bomb hits repeatedly to them? Shuckle would
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So you're wondering who can take the most hits? Because that can vary. Max Defense Giratina can tank a Band Outrage from Zekrom. Multiscale Lugia can Tank a Water Spout from max health Kyogre. Chansey with Eviolite can tank a hit from Band Terrakion using Close Combat. Cresselia can tank Band Technician Bug Bite from Scizor. So if your question is really asking who can tank the biggest physical attack then I could post a hundred calcs to answer.