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I need the best possible combination of six Pokémon (duals or/and singles), that their types protect them from all type attacks as much and as effectively as possible. I want an answer that takes into account ONLY the defence against types and NOT the moveset, the stats or anything else! I am currently running a programme that I made in Python to find the answer to this question, but I want to verify my findings with the rest of the community! :)

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I edited the title so as to make the question clearer. Hope it's fine.
This page statistically shows that Steel/Fairy is the best defensive dual typing, with other half Steel types scoring close behind. A Steel/Fairy type resists 9 types, is immune to 2, and only weak to 2.
From a coverage standpoint, you need FIRE against Bug/Steel-types, GRASS against Water/Ground-types, FIGHTING against Pure-Normal-types, GROUND against Pure-Electric- and Poison/Dark-types, DARK against Normal/Ghost-types, and FAIRY against Dark/Ghost-types.

This'll leave you coverage against Part-Flying- and Part-Fairy-types remaining. So, you'll need ICE and ROCK coverage for the remaining Flyers as well as POISON and STEEL for the remaining Fairies.
To add onto what Nought said, Poison < Steel to deal with Ghost/Fairy types, and Rock > Ice to deal with Bug/Fire and Water/Flying. Additionally, you'll need either Water or Ice types for Flying/Ground and Bug, Flying, Poison, or Freeze-Dry for Water/Grass types.
I might as well mention that this is an awful teambuilding strategy, so think of it strictly as an experiment.
Thanks for the quick response! My algorithm as well seems to have to its (almost) every outcome combination the dual Steel/Fairy so far. Yeah I know it's not a good idea to build your team based solely on that, but I had this question for nearly 10 years.
@Jolten, is there a link to your program or is it basically like the Type Coverage Calc found at the below link?
It's kinda like that, though it makes the calcution in reverse (calculating all the defense of every attack type) and it's not a simple calculator. Let me be more specific. The dual types (not taking into account switched duals like nomal/dark and dark/normal) can be 18 "choose" 2 (calculation at https://www.calculatorsoup.com/calculators/discretemathematics/combinations.php) namely 153 possible duals, plus 18 single types, 171 total ever possible types. If you make groups of six pokemon out of 171 type pokemon (using the same calculation), then you have apprxoximately 32 billion poosible combination. So after some adjustments, bcs it would take forever to calculate that with my laptop, my python program saves automatically to a text file all the groups of six that: pass my "grading" system, and have as a team at most one neutral grading against a certain type attack. I know it's confusing but as soon as my program finishes I will tell you the best groups based on type defense! Is there any way I share to all of you my txt and py files? Something like google drive or something? if I upload my files I will make sure to have a readme file explaining in detail my procedures!

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With Hydreigon + Aegislash, you can achieve a unique result: between just those two Pokemon, at least one of them resists or is immune to all 18 types (but in the case of Ground, this is only because of Hydreigon's Levitate). Thousand Arrows, Mold Breaker Ground, and Scrappy Fighting would still have yet to be covered, but if you care so much about those niche possibilities, you still have four other slots on the team, which is plenty to fit in "answers" to stuff like that.

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